The art collection “Emerging” is based on the female nude

First Solo Art Exhibition: Emerging
Auberge de France from 25th March till 3rd April 2011

The mediums and techniques used, acrylic, impasto, collage and printing, are aimed to create a vast array of interesting expressive textures, which echo the painting's vibe. The media and techniques are my 'words' which enable me to express myself.

"Bernice Buhagiar is a young and upcoming artist whom one would describe as "sensitive" and "warlike". This duality of light and darkness in her character finds its balance in Bernice’s artistic expression. Her way of communicating her feelings is not through words but visually. The result is tender yet strong at the same time. Bernice translates her experience on the canvas. As she confesses: To her, art is the very air that she breathes and the blood which runs in her veins. Art is that reality which keeps her alive.

When she was younger, Bernice painted ballet dancers in movement. She would add wings to them as though to elevate herself from the world around her. After going through a period of existential crisis, she channelled her inner strength into larger canvases.

Bernice is both sensible and sensitive to all that happens around her. She is an eclectic person full of deep thoughts and a variety of emotions. She says that in the peace and quiet of the night, her soul emerges from its cocoon and voices the confused sounds. At that moment she starts to paint and a composition emerges. The final result is very often quite different from the initial idea.

In this artistic phase, the main subject in the painting is the feminine figure. The nude expresses the naked soul, in its pure transparent form. Although some of her paintings are inspired by Greek mythology yet their deep meaning lies in the actual life of Man.

In this particular exhibition, we find a variety of techniques that Bernice uses like the collage of mirrors and organic objects, gilding, paintbrush strokes, gesso plastering and more. Some of her paintings are almost photographic and inspired from works by Klimt, Botticelli, Caravaggio, Van Gogh and Degas. The latter is the one she highlights most in her works. In Bernice’s expression of the feminine figure one can notice the ethereal and decisive hand of Degas.

Her “Aquarian Dream” is one of the most expressive works in the exhibition. This work represents a young girl who is kneeling down and is looking at the water. She is collecting all that is close to her heart in a jar even though these memories have left an indelible mark of suffering. This is the icon of a forgiving woman. This body-soul in a white tint is represented by decisive strokes of the brush which resembles Munch’s expressionism. However, while Munch expresses the pathos with desperation or resignation, which brings one face to face with the harsh reality of life, and offers no solutions. Bernice’s painting expresses the figure at its lowest ebb but in its highest form of dignity. It is the expression of the existential logos in a state of forsakenness which is the result of free will leading one to fulfillment.

Bernice’s call to art conveys a sublime message in a world in which cultural values are on the decline. Bernice wishes that whoever comes into a close encounter with her art, would appreciate it, and then make one reflect on their own life, which in turn, would lead one to refer to it in situations which are ever-present in this somewhat fast life which is full of egoistic tendencies."

. . . Anthony Patrick Vella . . .