Cavalieri Arts Expression
Arts Expression is an annual exhibition which has been organised for the past years. The aim of this collective exhibition is to promote art in its various forms including sculptors, paintings, ceramics, digital arts, photography and more.
CAVALIERI ARTS EXPRESSION - The sixth edition of Arts Expression will be held at Cavalieri Hotel, St. Julians from the 29th November until 12th December 2013. This year 16 artists will be taking part whose work varies from paintings to sculptures, including Bernice Buhagiar. For more info kindly visit:


Fields of GoldFields of Gold
Auberge de France from Friday 11th till Sunday 13th October during Birgufest.

Fields of Gold is a celebration of beauty, radiance and colour. Through large paintings of the female figure in her natural state enjoying life, one can sense a joie de vivre: a feeling of exuberance and cheerfulness as being part of this beautiful journey of life. Flower and fruit are used as a token of abundance in health and joy, together with the Marian and maternal themes. Fields of Gold is in collaboration with Birgu Local Council and is in aid of Puttinu Cares.


Visiting hours:
Friday 11th MORNING 9.00 till 13.00;
EVENING 19.30 till 23.00

Saturday 12th
EVENING 19.30 till 23.00

Sunday 13th
MORNING 9.00 till 13.00.

(Atum depicted as a female Creator), Mixed Media on Canvas dypthic, 100x100cmDaughter of the Nile
CapoTavola Restaurant and Art Gallery, Marsascala Promenade.

Daughter of the Nile brings alive tales of a land of mystery and magic- Egypt. A land different from all others, difficult to understand, apart and alien, yet strangely fascinating. From the Pharaohs and the ornate Pyramids in which they were buried, the enchanting Nile, Isis- mistress of the gods, to Hathor- Lady of Love, Bernice brings alive the alluring Egyptian mythology. Her artwork is an expressive, colourful, imaginative and vibrant trip through which one encounters the gods and goddesses worshipped in the lost world of Ancient Egypt, reliving the dazzling tales which were handed down and hardly ever changed. Sponsored by CapoTavola Restaurant and Art Gallery; Charts Investment Management Service Ltd; and Farsons Direct.


For more details regarding opening hours and days kindly find CapoTavola on Facebook. To be launched on 14th March; runs till the end of April 2013

Presentation of  Contrasts Match (Lino Printing and Soft Pastels on Back Paper) to the PBC as a token of gratitude for their collaboration

Pieces of Me Solo Art Exhibition
Peace Band Club, Naxxar from 17th till 20th November 2011.

The art exhibition Pieces of Me is bringing together Bernice Buhagiar's previously exhibited paintings, with each and every one of them narrating its own story, vibrating its own emotions and oozing with style, colour and radiance. In a few words... a journey full of expressions, emotions and life!

Second Solo Exhibition: Prestige... reviving the past
Auberge de France, Birgu from 23rd September till 9th October 2011.

The art collection, Prestige... reviving the past, by Bernice Buhagiar, revolves around the rich Maltese pre-history, pictured through a beautiful and vibrant lens with a contemporary twist. She hints out the island alluring and prestigious past by the use of the wide range of mixed media to produce different stunning effects. These include, amongst others, glass beads, mirror, ceramic and couloured glass fragments, Gesso, ropes, collage, gold leaf and Lino printing. She also produces her art on different sized canvases, wood and paper, also making use of dypthics or tryptics. Another significant element in Bernice paintings are the radiant and bold colours, where in some cases may also be monochromatic. For her, giving a varied and a wide array of visual effects is crucial in order to get the public eye.

Żabbar Local Council from 2nd till 11th September 2011.

Żabbar Local Council would be hosting an art exhibition Inspirations... consisting of watercolour and ink drawings of Bernice Buhagiar. The artist, whose drawings depict various Maltese and Gozitan landscapes, radiate versatility and beauty, which characterise the Maltese culture. In her opinion, the Maltese islands have much more to offer than just sea, sun and sand (as usually advertised) and she aims to increase the public’s awareness for our prestigious surroundings, most of which are rooted back to a rich history.
Inspirations...also consists of the artistic work of a group of young budding artists, whose age ranges from 3 to 12 years, under Bernice Buhagiar’s tuition. These children have been studying famous artists, including Caravaggio, Van Gogh, Klimt and Dali and have produced paintings and drawings inspired by each artist’s unique style. Furthermore, they will be exhibiting craft work, including clay models, Paper Mache and clocks which are all made up of recycled and natural resources, proving that art and craft truly improve our island and educate the audience through an indirect message. Prepare to be overwhelmed by the way these young budding artists view the exterior world!

The art collection “Emerging” is based on the female nude

First Solo Art Exhibition: Emerging
Auberge de France from 25th March till 3rd April 2011

The art collection "Emerging" is based on the female nude. The play of light and shadow is a major characteristic which runs through all the paintings, where the figure is concealed in the darkness, and emerging into the light, thus creating interesting movements and effect. The female nude symbolizes the naked soul of each of us, which is led by our involuntary inner expressions and emotions, such as sorrow, fear, pain, jealousy, anger, perseverance and joy.
Each painting has its own personality, determined by the painting's mood, which is reflected through the choice of colours, textures, expression and pose of the figure, which is sometimes also influenced by myth or fiction.