Bernice Buhagiar is a young and upcoming artist whom one would describe as sensitive and warlike. This duality of light and darkness in her character finds its balance in her artistic expression through the play of shadow and light. The result is tender yet strong at the same time.

Bernice’s paintings reflect an inner explosion of emotions and moods. Her source of inspiration is vast, including everyday life experiences, human characteristics, stories and tales, which she translates on canvas in a unique and personal style.

Bernice’s paintings and drawings vary from landscapes to Maltese heritage, but mostly she is intrigued by the human figure and its anatomy, which dominates most of her art.

Bernice finds acrylic paint best for her style because it is quick-drying and bold, and this enables her to keep the mood and feeling of the painting fresh and spontaneous. She loves exploring different printing techniques, textures and media to lend higher significance to her paintings.

As she confesses: Art is the very air that she breathes and the blood which runs in her veins. Art is that reality which keeps her alive.